Originally , sharing feelings or any of my works always turned out to be a huge and difficult task. You know how one individual lives a particular life in a particular and constant manner and assumes that only they are feeling what they do , experiencing what they are and so on. A mere glimpse of exposure leads to a bundle of aggressive insecurities. Somehow , all of us individually yet together go through the same set of emotions and events in our life , maybe that is what binds us all together , keeps us united , alike.
Having arrived at this realisation three years ago, I began expressing and attempted to reach out to all those many individuals like me who needed assurance , comfort or maybe a little support and encouragement.
How funny is it really, we refuse to accept our need for support And label ourselves as ” strong ” .
So I find writing , and somehow I found life, well surely not at its best but with a book of lessons and tips for attaining content happiness and satisfaction.
That’s why i write , that’s why I’m here.


Let’s stop running

We are all rushing ,

We are all running,

Sometimes we run from things and from people .

And the other times we run towards people and towards memories .

Why can’t we just stay, stay in one phase , stay in one place .

For once, let the universe guide you

Just for once let your instinct take over you.

Believe in things, invest your faith

It’s okay if you fall down at times , for you can always stand right back up.

Similarly, it’s okay if you’re too afraid of being vulnerable.  Too afraid of being seen, observed.

The truth is, you can’t keep running forever . You have to stop , you need to breathe. Surrender, surrender to life, surrender to this universe.

Be noticed,  allow yourself to be seen.

Allow yourself to be loved, because that’s the purest thing in this world.

– Vridhi Pasricha 


Shivering hands , swollen eyes

Bloated face and a faked smile

You’re here,  you listen to the last few  knocks on the door, you cover your mouth with your hands , blocking the passage for any honest words to come out.

There they are; calling out your name, asking for forgiveness , asking  for you to stay.

And the aura that exists,  for once you think that maybe it is worth letting them in ,  you close your eyes and take a deep breath  ,  now is the time to  make a decision, do you want to let them in?

We as humans , often lose the ability of seeing things in a much honest fashion, we confuse the concept of faith  with that of  unreal fantasies.  So we can’t accept , we can’t accept facts , situations and people, specially those who hurt us.

But of course , when the fog and mist  on a cold winter’s morning   steals your sight, blinding you of the view that is in front of your eyes , the past , specially the past happy events  can prevent you from seeing the harsh reality and truth of the present time.

So be sure, be strong enough to wipe off the mist of how things used to be before you start planning of how they are meant to be.

Love people , let them in but not the ones that don’t mind leaving you and going  again and again.

– Vridhi Pasricha